SnoPro – Snow Broom – 6 pack

Managers know that you can’t sell a car if it’s buried under snow – and if you’re not selling, you’re losing. Don’t let a snow storm freeze up your sales – use the SnoPro® to clear hundreds of cars in no time!

The SnoPro® is the lightest snow rake on the market, reducing user fatigue and lessening the chance of damage to your valuable inventory. The tool has received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance, and durability.

$99.00 for a 6 pack

Price is good till October 31,2023

Regular price is $125.00 / 6 Pack

Harvey “Twist-Lock” Non-Crush Rubber Exhaust Hose

Harvey “Twist-Lock” hose represents the latest advancements in technology and fabrication of rubber hose for our industry. Under normal service conditions, the hose is heat resistant in excess of 550℉. The “Twist-Lock” feature enables an individual to connect several lengths of hose together without the use of couplers.

ReCover Exhaust Floor Hole Cover

Used to repair or cover “non-repairable” in-ground floor units that are broken or rusted out, causing a safety hazard. The Harvey ReCover is simply placed over the existing “hole” or damaged fitting and attached to the concrete with drive pins through holes provided in the frame. The ReCover may also be recessed in the concrete if desired. Constructed of all cast aluminum, the lid is affixed to the frame with a S.S. replaceable piano hinge. The outside dimensions of the frame are 10″ x 12-1/2″. The lid measures 8″ x 10″, the elevation is 1/2″.

Total Solutions Salt Rinse

Is an ice melt rinse aid that neutralizes the corrosive film left behind by ice melting chemicals. It helps to remove the chalky residue left behind on carpets and floors without discoloring or harming the surface.

  • * Comes in a case of four one gallon containers.

Total Solutions Snow Plow Coating

This snow plow coating deposits a hard, slippery layer of silicone on plow blades and other snow removal equipment. Snow slides off treated surfaces easier and faster, allowing more snow to be moved with less fuel and less wear on equipment. In addition, the impervious silicone layer protects metal surfaces both in use and in storage.

  • * Comes in a case of four one gallon containers

ES5000 Booster PAC 1500 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter by Clore Automotive

Cold Weather Battery Season is Upon us, Easily jump vehicles on your lot.

Bring on the power! With a high performance battery and up to 1500 Peak Amps, the ES5000 is the Booster Pac for professionals who need serious starting power. Multiple jumps between charges and 43″ cables make the ES5000 as convenient as it is powerful.


1500 peak amps
LED battery status indicator
Automatic recharging
43″ Heavy-duty cables cold weather rated to -20 degrees
DC outlet to power a variety of 12 Volt accessories
1 year limited warranty.


Voltage 12 Volt
Peak 12 Volt Amps 1500
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid (AGM)
Cable Length 43″
Cable Gauge Heavy Duty
Charger 1 Amp
Indicator Display LED
Weight 23 lbs.
Accessories Outlet 12 Volt DC
Warranty 1 Year Limited
UPC 010271012831

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