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With inventory levels low, consumers are relying on their current vehicles to get them through the chip shortage. Service departments are scrambling to keep up with the work, and we need our Service Departments to keep us going through this challenging time.

The PA Safety Inspection Program keeps customers coming back to your store and contributes to retention and profitability. Given the current volume of service business, techs and managers are experiencing higher workloads, and shorter times to complete paperwork.

Simple recordkeeping errors during Safety Inspection recording such as incorrect VIN, Registration/Insurance expirations, Tire and Brake measurements, and sticker numbers can cause your MV-431 Inspection Logbook to be incorrect and lead to problems during an Audit. Errors like these can trigger a citation resulting in Fines, Inspector Suspensions, and Station Suspensions up to 6 months.

CompuSpections Inspection Recording Software provides added protection against: Fraudulent Recordkeeping, Inspector License Expirations, Incorrect Endorsements, and Sticker Theft.

Protect your Service business from simple mistakes that lead to costly downtimes by using CompuSpections. It’s easy to implement and there are no long-term contracts. Join over 1,000 stations using this software today. .

To order, call Mark Jewett at PAA 1-800-692-7295 Ext: 3360

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